Rich Vermont Maple Syrup - Half Pint Jug

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Rich Vermont Maple Syrup - Half Pint Jug

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This small bottle of Vermont maple syrup is a delicious amber color and has a flavorful taste. The sap from sugar maple trees is evaporated using the traditional wood fire method. Enjoy the pure, rich flavor of Vermont maple syrup.

Our small jug contains pure, natural syrup with antioxidants and minerals, making it a healthy choice for breakfast. With nothing added or taken away, you can taste the sweet, natural Maple Syrup of Vermont.

The family at Silloway Maple have refined the art of sustainable, eco-friendly maple syrup production. All of their syrup is produced from native maple trees that are "managed carefully, to promote optimum growth and productivity." Only renewable resources such as, "boiling the sap over a traditional wood fire and using solar power to generate the power for the sugarhouse needs" are used. 

This maple syrup is made in Vermont during the middle of the syrup season, which is from March to April. Therefore, it is slightly darker, and the maple flavor is more evident than syrup produced at the beginning of the season.

This syrup is expertly produced by a family owned and operated business since 1946. Their syrup brings something specially to your pancakes, waffles, French toast, granola, baked beans, ham, glazed carrots, sweet potatoes, and more.  

Our Vermont maple syrup has a distinct flavor. It will bring back memories of cold winter mornings. These mornings were filled with delicious pancakes made by your mom. You would have them before going to school.

Syrup can be used to make various maple products. These include cream, candy, sugar-coated nuts, cotton candy, and jelly. All of these options are quite popular. Substituting maple syrup in recipes in place of refined sugar can yield a unique, yet equally delicious flavor.

This small jug of Vermont Maple Syrup is a great gift for anyone on your list. It is especially suitable for those who are difficult to shop for. Also available in a pint jug here.

Sillloway Maple Rich Maple Syrup Pint and Half Pint Jars

Product Specifications of Silloway Maple Syrup

  • Our Silloway Maple Syrups are shipped in a plastic half pint jug. Therefore, each is individually packaged to ensure safe delivery to you. 

  • Each Half Pint (8 Ounce) Jug is sealed for your protection at the point of packaging by the producer.
  • Maple syrup should be stored in a cool, dark place until opened. Once opened, it must be refrigerated. It may also be stored in the freezer.

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Nutritional facts for this rich maple syrups per 2 Tablespoons (8 Servings per Jug)

  • Calories - 100
  • Total Fat 0 grams
  • Sodium - 4 milligrams
  • Total Carb - 27 grams
  • Total Sugars - 27 grams
  • Protein - 0grams
  • Calcium - 2% of RDI
  • Potassium - 2% of RDI

Pure Maple Syrup Production in Vermont

Maple season in Vermont starts in late February when daytime temperatures reach the high 30s and nighttime temperatures drop below freezing. The sap flows best when it's sunny and above 40 degrees during the day, and around 20 degrees at night. The season usually ends in early April when flowers start to bloom if weather conditions are favorable. 

Vermont is the top state for maple syrup, having the most taps and highest yield since 1916. Finishing out the 2023 season in April, Vermont maple syrup production totaled 2.05 million gallons from 6.35 million taps. according to the USDA's June 9, 2023 report.

The amount of sap needed to make a gallon of syrup varies with the concentration of sugar in the sap. The amount of sugar in sap differs between trees. Usually, it takes about 40 gallons of sap, with 2% sugar, to make one gallon of syrup.

Do you have questions about our Pure Vermont Maple Syrup or about any other product we carry at Harvest Array? A friendly, real person will be happy to assist you at (814) 396-2151. Simply add to cart and we will get the order processed for you.

We support small, family-owned, American businesses on Harvest Array.


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